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When ordering from our Aromatherapy Line, please send us an email with your preferred scent of choice, your choice of pad, puff or lava stone and colour preference. We will do our best to accommodate.

In your email please also include your full name and phone number in case we need to contact you.

Whether you're facing a challenge, needing some energy or just want to look stylish and smell great. We carry a wide variety of aromatherapy jewelry that will accent any outfit or style. Just click the image on the left to go to our aromatherapy gallery.

Choose from a wide assortment of bar and liquid soaps. Bath soaks, bath bombs, hand soaps. Lotions for hand and body, shampoos and conditioners.

Just click image to the left for our gallery. 

Our Awe Shucks line is kinda cool and a really neat idea. You can choose either a Cultured Akoya Saltwater Oyster or a Cultured Freshwater Oyster. Each oyster will contain at least one pearl when opened. Your salt water pearl will be round and jewelry ready. Fresh water pearls are more oval shaped. Either way you can choose a necklace and pendant from our selection to display your treasure.

Click image to the left to view our Awe Shucks line. 

Here is where you will find our complete essential oil collection. We can create your personal aromatherapy scents from here, or choose one of our blends. 

Click image to the left for our complete list.

For thousands of years people have been looking to and working with nature and what it has to offer to ease our woes. Here at Happy Hippy Naturals we have a collected of some of our favorites and want to share them with you.  

Click image to the left to view our gallery.

Here at Happy Hippy Naturals we believe that "Pet's are People Too" and that's why we have created some natural products to help with their everyday care and needs.

Happy Hippy Naturals is Proud to Support


We are offering 3 Products from which a portion of the proceeds are donated back to SPORT A RAINBOW


Diversity and Inclusion For All in Sport 

Sport A Rainbow is a reminder to be supportive, respectful and kind to each other in spite of our differences. This support can be shown in your everyday life at school, work and extracurricular activities and certainly in the sporting community.

Their hope is that by helping a young person be a part of a sporting environment that supports inclusion, they may be able to provide them with what they need most to be successful in life….self esteem, confidence, friends and support.

Click the image below to place an order.


By Sporting A Rainbow, I understand that all athletes, coaches and competitors deserve to participate in sport free of judgment. I can help by speaking up against hateful speech and actions in my sport.

Because it's about more than just the game.