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Are you looking for a more natural way to deal with headaches? We have the answer! We carry different blends for different causes of your headaches.

Be it Barometric Pressure, Stress or just your regular run of the mill headache, we just may have a natural answer.

Available in roll on or a massage oil blend.

Massage Oil
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Our Happy Hippy Naturals (HHN) Thieves Oils Blend is a blend of 100% pure essential oils. Thieves oil has numerous uses because it is known to sanitize, reduce inflammation, kill air-borne pathogens, kill fungus and many other uses. It can be diffused, made into area and surface cleaners mixed with a carrier to use as a roll on, diluted to use as a fungicide or diluted with water and used as an insect repellant. 

It is told that Thieves got it's name from four thieves from Europe  who robbed the homes of those who had succumbed to the Bubonic Plague. However they never contracted the illness, because they used this essential oil blend.

Therapeutic Oil Blends

Life's journey doesn't come with out some bumps or curves on our everyday road, so here at Happy Hippy Naturals we have come up with some natural blends that help you you along the way. If you have hit that wall and are low in energy, then treat yourself to a little boost with our Energy Blend. 

Are your co-workers, children or loved one fighting a bug? Protect yourself naturally with our Immunity Blend. 

Is your day a whirlwind, leaving you feeling stressed and anxious?  Try our Peace Out stress reducer. Our blend is sure to help you find that peace with in and allow you to relax to face what comes next, or lay your head down for a peaceful nights sleep. 

Our Breathe in the Calm Blend will help ease your anxiety and allow you to get back to life.

When you find your mind wondering and you need to pay attention, that's when our FOCUS Blend will help.

No matter the need we will find you a Natural Blend to help you.

Fragrance Oil Blends

Looking for an alternative to commercial perfumes? Try our all natural roll on scents. 
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