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Who are we and what are we about?

Happy Hippy Naturals is a home based business that has been a dream of ours for many years. My partner Catherine, and I (Sharon) have always been drawn to the natural side of most everything in life, be it healing, beauty or personal care. So when we bought our home and due to some health issues I could no longer work we went to work on ourselves and our lifestyle. My partner took a natural health consultant course and I went on to get my CHI certificate. Then after some major life altering events I found myself with time on my hands so we decided to put our dream in motion and start Happy Hippy Naturals.

We have worked very hard to get our inventory to a level where we feel confident to launch our website and open up to all you wonderful people and share our products, knowledge and passion for creating exceptional products for you, our loyal customers.

Here at Happy Hippy Naturals we have a vast product line for everything from personal care and health concerns for both you and your pets, to our fun Awe Shucks Pearl line. So whether it's an aromatherapy item, an essential oil blend, a bar of soap, body lotion or room and body mists, we have it all, shampoos and conditioners right down to antibacterial foot deodorizer, so in a sense we have you covered head to toe ... lol (perhaps some pun intended)

Between my partner and I we can help you with concerns or questions about a natural solution for health issues to creating a scent from our vast inventory of essential and carrier oils that's just for you. Catherine has a vast knowledge of natural health and is always willing to address your concerns or consult as to a natural solution for your issues or annoyances.

I on the other hand will blend scents and create for your personal items, aromatherapy items, bath and shower items, lotions and mists, or if you want to have some fun with a mysterious twist, you can purchase from our Awe Shucks line. Whatever it is we can hopefully come up with a solution or a product that will leave you wanting to come to us again.