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A unique blend of natural nourishment for your tired and weathered face. This rich moisturizing skin tonic is a blast of hydration and nutrition for your weathered and aged brow. Simply roll a small amount on the area you wish to treat and gently blend in with fingertip.

Available in 2 sizes




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A unique way to give your spirit and soul a boast. Simply inhale one of our lovely scents and prepare to be amazed.

Looking for relief from nasal or sinus issues? Try our Deep Breath

Looking to enhance your performance for the big game? Try our Step it Up Blend

As the day draws on or that tedious paperwork is lulling you to sleep, whatever the case may be, try our Focus Blend to enhance your attention.

Feeling stressed out? Or just trying to relax? Try our Peace Out Blend

Need that mid afternoon boost?? Try your Energy Blend

Feeling anxious and overwhelmed? Try our Breath in the Calm Blend 

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Summer Survival Kit

Kit contains 1 bottle of Natural Sunscreen, approx 35 SPF, 1 bottle of Natural After Sun Spritz and 1 bottle Natural Insect Repellent 

Summer Survival Kit
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Hand Sanatizer's and Cleaners

We all know that hand washing is the best way to keep the germs at bay, but sometimes you don't have the option. We have a natural hand sanitizer and hand cleaner and sanitizer. Available in different scents as well as in sprays or gels.


No One needs to know when you go! Just spray 3 or 4 times onto the toilet bowl water and it will be your secret...